Monday, April 1, 2013

slow or fast pace?


slow pace or fast pace.

I've been noticing different families lately.
Observing the pace at which they do things.
And, of course, it has got me pondering life again.

Some families are rushing from one activity to another. 
Always pushing their kids to go faster, get ready, hurry up, 
get out the door, we'll be late. Cramming so much into a day everyone is
 too tired to be civil when they do stop.
Or the TV is on, or computer, or games....
no need to interact, just fill our time with activity,
 and our brains with noise.

Then I've noticed this new friend. She is very laid back. 
Made me notice how her child was.
Pretty laid back. Kind of just enjoying a slower pace of life. 
Taking time to 'be still', enjoy nature, enjoy people, hear God.
 No TV blasting, no texting, no computer going for hours.

Made me wonder what we are teaching our kids??
Are we starting them out in life not taking the time to
 enjoy things, but to just rush from one activity to another? 
Do they even know how to be still? Or do quiet things? Or hear God?
Or have they inadvertently  taught them to ignore the very one who created them?
 The one who longs to have relationship with them?

I'm not saying you have to get rid of your TV,
your computer, your phone,
just try moderation, and try teaching your kids moderation.

So, just ponder a moment, when is the last time you were still, 
or you encouraged your children to be still?
Try it....then remember what it was like, and teach it to your children.

"Be still and know that I am God".
Enjoy the beauty of His creation.
Enjoy the sound of the Wind,
the singing of the birds.
Stop and smell the roses.

Thanks for stopping by.

be blessed



Connie said...

My what a great read. I appreciate the way my daughter is with her girls. Every meal is ate together at the table. Every meal is started with a prayer or a list of their gratefuls for the day. The only TV is one hooked up for videos on Movie nights. They visit together, they play together, they do chores together . . . it's very refreshing in this busy world we live in. Not that their world doesn't get busy, too. Both girls go to different schools and Mom is in school, too. But, she doesn't let the media entertain her girls and she makes time for them. They are 5 and 7 years old and she still reads to them every night and tucks them into bed :)
I'm very proud of her, she's a great Mommy.
My hubby and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary this week and we are having a $25 give-a-way, please come over and get your name in the drawing :)
No we didn't marry on April fools day, we waited one day, so's not to be joked at for the rest of our lives :)
Have a marvelous week,
Your blogging sister, Connie

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I was just telling someone about this scripture Be still .. It is confirmation seeing this of what I am feeling .. Thank you and bless you my sweet friend ..Sherry