Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life can be confusing

I'm sitting here this morning, with tears running down my face.

No, nothing horrible has happened.

That is part of what makes it confusing, hard.

If there were some big, sad thing, it would make sense.
It would make it.........OK? understandable? acceptable??

But there is nothing.

Then there is the soul searching.
What is causing the morning anxiety. The sad?

How much time to we spend on that? Trying to figure that out?

How many times we do claim the Lord's joy, and power, and peace, before we actually achieve it? Before we actually feel it?

How many hours a day can we work, how busy can we stay, to try to keep the feelings at bay?

Is there ever any understanding of what is going on?

Do we need to understand things in order to be healed?

If indeed healing is what needs to happen?

If there is wholeness at all?

Just wondering.

Tears have stopped, but emptiness? sadness? still there.

Time for my morning walk.

Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, thank you for such an honest post. I think many of us keep busy so that we don't have to face some of the issues in our lives. Jesus wants us to take them to him so He can walk with us through the healing process, but I know I will do 100 other things before going to sit at His feet. I don't know why- I have learned he is such a precious Lord and Father- truly the only one who can give us that peace that passes all understanding.

bee blessed

Lilla said...

Thanks to people like you my friend, You make the world a better place.
I appreciate your visit Barb. and hope you will find a little bit of peace on my site. I am quiet and restful and love beauty and tranquility. Hard to come by in this mad world.
aloha Lilla