Thursday, April 7, 2011

A "new" Book

My newest book.
Bible Symbols or The Bible in Pictures
It has the stories from Old and New Testament.

oops. sideways again.

This wonderful book has 2 pages that tell a Bible Story.

Then usually 2 pages of it in pictures.
I tried to figure out some without reading the story first.
I think it is meant for kids,
cause I could not do them. =)

Can you figure these two pages out?
I thought these were easier.
And here are some of the beautiful pictures.

This will be fun to look through.

Thanks for stopping by

barbara jean


TeresaM said...

This looks like a wonderful book Barbara!!!

Rebecca said...

I collect old books like that-your's looks pretty neat!

Ann said...

Very neat book. The illustrations are really interesting. I'll need to take a second look at them. Have a good week.