Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Bibles

I love old books, and old Bibles are even better.
Not only do you get the lovely aged look of them,
but they are most useful when opened and read.

You can see this one is not that old, or that special,
but it has been read many times and is still great to enjoy.

This second one is a King James version, like the first one is.

Worn with age.
A beauty you cannot buy.

This one a bit older. 1927. (sorry for sideways)

Well worn, and hopefully, words lived by the
person who owned it.

May you be blessed and have His word in your heart.


barbara jean

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Shopgirl said...

There is something about a old bible that draws me in. I think it is because of my Grandmother. She had Bibles from her childhood. And when you openned it there was her writing on the edge of a verse or a pressed flower in waxed paper. Little notes, and the smell was wonderful. She gave me the Bible she was using when I was a little girl. It had little scribblings I had done while very small. No one would enjoy my what I call my work Bible, it has coffee on it, juice from church. Pictures, and pages that would fall out if I let them. And little notes from the youth in our church that I was given the gift to teach for many years. I love this Bible, not only for what it says and teaches me, but for the love that has surrounded it while the youth were teaching me.
Hugs, Mary