Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pondering.... again

I was pondering this morning when I woke up.

I thought, "I have 1/3 of my life left yet to live."

I wondered what they would be like.
Would they look the same as they do now?
Would I wake up each morning thanking the
Lord for the day, and His love?
Reciting His word, as I stretch out my stiff back?

Would my next thoughts be the list of things
that always need doing at the store?
Would I still have the store?
Would I still be crafting?
Would my 90ish year old hands still enable me to craft?

Will I have done anything exceptional for the Lord?

Hmmmm. "Exceptional".
What is exceptional to the Lord?
Does He expect that we will each do some exceptional,
earth shattering thing for Him?
Or is 'exceptional' something we put on ourselves?
Our expectation of us?

Or is exceptional us living every day for Him.
Sharing His love wherever we are,
whatever we are doing,
with whoever He puts in our path.
Doing our best in the mundane schedules of life.
Is it growing to know Him more, and accepting
more of His love and grace each day?

Yes, I think that is exceptional.

Lord, Help me to be exceptional for you today.

More pondering another day.

blessings to all

barbara jean


Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Barbara, What a beautiful thought you had, I congratulate you this morning! Have you thought about the most important. What we do with our lives today? Almost always we are so guided by a world that distracts us and we even consume our time, strength, and when we realize we have lived an entire life just trying to satisfy our needs and desires. It is important that we stop to analyze how we conduct ur lives. We will always need that sovereign God who watches over us and protects us, blesses us abundantly. It's so beautiful to get up and realize that we depend on Him and His mercy! acknowledging what has given us and gives us. I sometimes wonder what would I do if I had known! When I began to have an intimate and personal relationship with Him, I could fully understand your plan and your unconditional love, grace and mercy. It is at this time to meditate as you about what I'm giving to God, I care not to fall into the distraction of the holidays, because it is not no place, surely welcome! Christmas is beautiful! God's blessing, but sometimes it is distracting for most, today I join your reflecion, living to give thanks to our creator, and seeking ways to honor him with my life and my actions because I am conscious of how much has given me. I just want to own free and voluntary choice, love my life! God bless you, Barbara. Rose Marie

Pamela said...

My prayer, too--exceptional for 50,60, or 70. I'm learning to ask myself each day, did I work or me or work for Him? Keeps me accountable!

Leaon Mary said...

Hey Barb!
Boy do I share your questions. ;)
I too have been thinking long and hard about the past year and those to come. -- Got a good word from God at church Sunday about it and focusing on Him.

I pray the new year brings you new health, and great love.
Praying God's perfect will for your life.
Holykisses xoxo