Sunday, June 27, 2010

How are you today?

What do you say when people ask you that?

It's Sunday morning. Time for church. I'm tired. Physically, and emotionally.
Friends will inevitably ask the question, "How are you?"
If I let them really know, or see, I would probably cry myself into a puddle on the floor.
So I keep my distance, so I do not fall apart.

Well, I'm exhausted! Should I say that? Or should I just say fine?
Often times I will just ask them back "How are you?", try to avoid giving them an answer altogether.
Sometimes I get away with that, and sometimes not.

I wake up in the morning thinking how tired I am, but anxiety for the day gets in the way of my sleeping any more.
I lay there in bed trying to give praise to the Lord, but not feeling anything.
The fact that the Lord is worthy of all our praise, feeling it or not, is the fact of the matter.
So I try to continue. But I am a feeling person, and all I feel, is tired.

So I wondered, maybe I am more tired because I say it, I focus on it. I tell my friends about it my list of things to do. Maybe that is like doing it all 10 times. No wonder I am tired.

Should I be like my Mom and just say I am great whether I am or not? (knowing with Dad having Alzheimers she cannot always be great). I call that postive confession.

Where does being honest come in?

I like what my friend Carol says when asked the "How are you" question, and life is not the greatest right then. She says, "not so well, but God is taking care of it."

So, How are you today??
What will you say?
Please share your thoughts.

I pray you will all be blessed as you draw near to Him.

Barbara Jean


The Hillbilly Wife said...

I think it is important to be honest, but then people think you are whining if you tell them how you really feel!

I just want to say, "I'm 41, I have a 6 month old, a sewing business and I homeschool my other child. I'm exhausted. Totally exhausted."

Hang in there, today is nothing compared to eternity :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Barbra Jean...I feel concern for you now so I will send up prayers for you tonight for sure. Its what My Hubb's and I do,,,God knows what to do and all the situation so be sure of Him and His AWESOME love no matter what He is in control and its always His timing...I enjoyed your post though, it is something we have in our chruch topic too on certian occasions...
And it is so true what the Hillbilly Housewife said in her note,,,today is nothing compared to eternity with HIM!!!
Thanks for the notes too. Blessings and Hugs Dena..

The Rustic Victorian said...

I think it's nice even to be asked!
Recently, a guy at my husbands work asked me if I was enjoying the summer. I was short, a sharp "NO, I hate summer in the south, all this sunshine/humidity is depressing, I have no use for summer anywhere!" My bad attitude, my honesty, made him take a step back,,,I don't think he will ask again how I like summer...Sometimes I just have to be truthfull, I know people don't want the negative. I can be a brat.
Sigh,,,I just have to let it out for real sometimes. I guess he won't be inviting us over for a summer back yard BBQ! lol...good!

the truth of it,,, he already knew how I felt, as my man had told him and he was messin with me. stinker