Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning House

We'll be moving some things around shortly, adding more Fall, and then in November adding Christmas decor and gifts.
These cute kitchen things, and the adorable little table and chairs will be finding a new home shortly. Last chance to have a look!!
The Iron table and two chairs is $85. It is very heavy iron, with cute upholstered chairs in pink fabric. We may keep this out if we can find a place for it over the Holidays. It would make a nice gift for some special little girl. The tea set is complete with sugar, creamer, tea pot, and plates and saucers. A 4 piece place setting. $25. We'll try to leave it out for Holiday Gift giving.
Please click on photo to see everything a little better. Oh, Teddy is for sale too.

These are photos of the kitchen area. Mainly blue and red here, although i did find these wonderful yellow shabby folding chairs. There are 6 of them, and only $15 each.
In the stand on the left is tinware, and more of that around too. In the corner is a vintage snack set. It is clear glass with a unique design. We also have old magazines, and cookbooks.
On the right is a child's ironing board, and a teddy tea set. The melon dishes are gone, but canisters still available.
Hope you enjoyed another look at the store. Be sure to come by and check out the new Fall decor, and there are new arrivals every day.

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