Monday, April 26, 2010

Deja Vu

Two years ago in May we opened our little gift shop here in Eugene.
During the time of getting ready I 'acquired' two herniated discs in my neck, unknown to me till I was in such great pain I could not function for two months.

My folks usually come up in the summer and they park their motor home at the store property.
So was the case that summer. I just have to tell you, my Mom

was a life saver. We had one 10x12 room that was filled to the ceiling (no exaggeration), with Christmas 'stuff'. Supplies to craft with, and finished products from a closeout that was too good to pass up.
That all had to be moved to another room so we could put displays in the new room.
My Mom moved it all. I stood and supervised. Dad helped where he could.

Well here it is two years later, and now we are opening another new room and doing some changes at the shop in order to serve Tea & Treats. And guess whose neck and back are acting up again.
Yep, mine. I'm not in the excruciating pain I was in then, but none the less, not able to do all I can usually do myself. ( footnote: Two years ago, after two months of pain, it subsided the week we went in to see the surgeon!) PTL

So my back and neck are hurting again. Is my Mom helping me again?
Even though they moved up here last October, and only lives 15 minutes away, she has not done a thing to help me!
Am I complaining?
NO! Not one little bit!!
The reason she isn't helping is because now she is taking care of this guy, my Dad.

He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. That is why they moved here last Fall, so we could all help Mom care for him.

So this post, is a tribute and thanks to my Mom, for being there the many times we needed her.
A lot of them behind the scenes and unnoticed, to ourselves and others.
Now it is our turn to be there for her.

Thank you Mom, for all the support, help, love and prayers over the years.
And thank you now, for taking such good care of Dad.

And to all you Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day.
May you all be blessed 10 million fold for all you have done and who you are.

And to all you children out there, remember:

Every day should be Mom's day.


Barbara Jean


Chatty Crone said...

That was so sweet. Sorry your back hurts and sorry about your dad. ANd your mom is a real blessing.


Dragonlady said...

This is a wonderful testament and tribute to your Mom....

My Mama is a gem also and I miss her cause she is in NC and I am in Florida....

hugs and prayers that you are getting some better..

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
I am sorry your neck is hurting again. The shop is so cute. be carefull!

Cat said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

Lovely tribute to your Mom.. Where would we be without them?

I just wanted to stop by and give you an answer to your header question.. Right click on the Vintage Pixie header and save it to your computer, then you can take it to a photo editing site to add your blog title to it.. I've listed a few good ones on my blog's right sidebar (about half way down) Let me know if I can help, I'd be happy too..

I do hope you're feeling better..
I loved browsing around your shoppe.. (smiles)

Dapoppins said...

Your blog is so peaceful and encouraging. I quite enjoyed my visit today! Some day I am going to have to drive down to Eugene and go to your can I resist the addition of treats?