Saturday, June 6, 2009



1. Does anyone know how many pixels a banner
should be to go across the whole screen?
Or how to center it on my screen?

2. Anyone know if there is an easy way to change
my fave lists on my other blog to this one?

There will be more questions to come!

Why I'm asking:

My intent when i first started two blogs,
was that one would be a selling blog,
and the other more personal family news and pics,
and any insights the Lord gives me.

What happened was the i got so caught up in all
the fun in blogland with special days etc,
that i ended up putting the selling blog aside,
(I must say, not even missing it.) =)

Now I'm feeling it is time go back to what the original plan was
and start my selling blog. (maybe we'll call this a season for selling?)
I have no intent of stopping all the special days,
or tutorials, or crafting tips I share on my other blog.
They will just be on the this blog.

All this means figuring out how to change things on my blogs.
and that is where the questions will come in.
I admire a lot of the blogs of friends out there,
and know they have experienced all
the setting up, and probably the feelings, I do and will have.

This also means I am very nervous
about starting the selling blog.
It is hard to put yourself out there
and hope someone likes your treasures enough to buy them.

I will probably ease into this slowly,
(that's how nervous i am), by first just
posting a few things for sale, but not moving things around yet.
I may even just start by putting my treasures there on Saturday for awhile.
Like a once a week shopping event.
(Hmmm. Think I like that idea for awhile.)
Kind of test the waters?
Then transition a bit at a time.
Not so overwhelming for this gal! =)
And maybe we'll call it Saturday Shopping Spree!! ideas??

You know my mind is going crazy with all this,
and my stomach has butterflies in it.

So right up front I'm asking for help, insights,
and mostly prayer!!!

Thanks to all who have already been such a help and support to me
and to all who will join in and help through this new season.

Barbara Jean


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Barb have you thought about an etsy shop??? It is not too pricey to list items..only 20 cents and it stays ther for 4 months. Might be simpler than setting up a new blog??
But do whatever is best for you!!

hugs Judy xx

julietk said...

Did you get ant help yet ? I think if you save the html codes and paste them in to the other blog in the same place it will work. If you need firther instructions just ask me :-D off to see more of your blog i have just discovered it. Juliet

sepiadreams said...

Go for it!!! What better way to sell some of your treasures and make a few dollars than to have a Blog shop. I have one and love it. I have not sold that much, but it is enjoyable. But as yourself, I spend more time blogging and hardly ever load anything up in my shop-Oh well, I guess I am bad at doing 2 things at once....Just do it!! Love Tiina...

SharDon Exclusives said...

Barbara Jean, I too have been thinking of the same things. I have had numberous people writing to ask the prices of things & yet I hate putting prices on my "main" chat posts. Let ME know all the answers because I haven't a clue. Once you figure it out then it would be very helpful to several of us who are new to blogs...Lookin' forward to seeing you make a huge success!!! Sharon said...

How true, once you get blogging you forget why, you just keep going because it is so much fun!

bj said...

An Etsy shop seems to be what you might be looking for instead of a new blog..i think a lot of Etsy owners do very well with it.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do...
xo bj

Christine said...

I'm with Judy and having the Etsy shop. You can still have a blog where your list things but send them over to your etsy shop. People that are looking for hand made items but don't know about you or your blog would be able to find you on Etsy. My sister just opened an Etsy shop.

Another thing I have heard from people that is if you want a lot of traffic on a specific blog, you need to post several times a week to keep them coming back to see what you're up to. Maybe have the selling blog but add a little bit of personal/inspirational stuff too.

I wish you luck. I know you will do well no matter what you decide. I just started handing around your blogs a couple of days ago and have been enjoying them.


julietk said...

I hope your moving goes well it would be lovely to be able to transfer the lot in one click but if it can be done I don't know how. Juliet