Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Family Favorite Foto

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Just a little outing.

I took 3 of my grand kids, and their
Daddy out for 99 cent yogurt a couple of days ago.

Isabel, 8, and i ordered white chocolate mouse.
Day ordered chocolate.

But the other two ordered Rainbow something or other.
Well, it just tasted like vanilla to me, but oooh the colors!!!

Ava soon had a blue mouth,

And Remy followed shortly after!
Blue mouth, tongue, hands, and shirt and pants.!

But we sure had fun!!

Happy Family Photo Friday!!


Barbara jean


barbarasaintjacques said...

Aren't kids great! And I love that hat...

Boo-Bah said...

I love your pictures. It looks as though you had a fun time with your family at the yogurt place.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I knew there was someone who made beautiful bird nests but I couldn't remember who. Now I do know who.
I love all of your bird nests. You certainly are the Queen of all bird nests.

Claudie said...

Never heard of rainbow ice-cream, but it sure looks good. We used to have blue bubblegum. My kids loved it, and yes it turned everything blue.
Happy FF
Love Claudie

Sue said...

Remy's blue mouth is by far just "awesome". I love little kids and their expressions. Thanks for sharing.

jeanne said...

Hello Barbara Jean, I realize this is last weeks photos but since we have been gone for six weeks I haven't seen them. Children love color. Love the photos too.

Have a great week.


Montee said...

I know your grandchildren loved that yogurt and the best part was the blue tongues!