Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Many of you have probably figured out that my last post on this site was a little different than all the others.
That is because I accidentally posted the store pictures here.
So, if you enjoyed that, you can check my other blog for more. =0)

In the mean time, another note about marriage.
I've heard it said that the very things you love about your spouse can also be the things that bug you the most. So true.
My husband is a perfectionist in many ways. He gives 100% (plus) to anything he does. If
he builds something I've asked him to, he takes a long time, and does it the very best he can. ( It didn't have to be perfect for me, and I wanted it yesterday!). =0)
But he took pride in knowing he had done the best job he could.

Years ago he was in school. He was always reading, writing, and sitting at the computer. That usually resulted in straight A's.
I felt like I shouldn't interrupt him. I resented the time he spent studying. I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and my self esteem went downhill. I was a very needy person, so of course I wanted ALL his attention. I felt alone, especially since our kids had grown up and left home.

Needless to say I survived.

Well, the very thing I resented then is now an area I admire in him. I understand it is part of who he is to give his best. It is how God made him. And, it is certainly a different story now that the time he is spending 'away' from me, is actually 'for' me, and for others. He is reading books on marriage in preparation for whatever 'classes' we get to lead in hopes of helping others NOT have to go though what we went through. I am so blessed to see him reading, and knowing he is praying for us and others.

I won't make this any less important by saying I am not as needy a person as I used to be. That I have grown too. We have both grown, and at this point of almost 40 years of marriage, our life together is wonderful. I wonder if I would really appreciate that if we had not had such hard years?

In closing, if you're having a hard time, try to think of the good things about your spouse.
The things you loved about him when you met. I'm sure there are many and they are still there, we just lose sight of what they are sometimes.

Blessings on your day.

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