Monday, February 1, 2010

My Morning Walks With God

I see so many interesting things on my morning walk.

Like this frog sitting on a fence post.
He made me smile.

Or these trees, and the tall grass in front of them.
I see potential nests there. =))

And this oh so perfect branch covered with moss.
or is it lichen?

As I was walking along, and asking the Lord what
He wanted me to do today,
This is what I looked up and saw.

The Lord said to me:
Please slow down.
Big, bright, unmistakeably.
It was there.
Please slow down.

But how do i do that Lord? What do I eliminate?
There are some things that just need to be done, need to be taken care of.
Big things. Important things.
Taxes, inventory.

Things i want to do,
like visit my parents, hang out with grand kids.

Things that are my ministry, like the store.

How do I slow down, Lord?

Then I got an email from a sweet new friend,
saying the same thing.
Slow down and say everything in your heart.

When God wants you to get a message,
He sends it all kinds of ways till we get it!

And He has done this before.
And I slowed down, and got back into His word.
You know what happened?

My spirit was calmed.
And it is as if He made more hours in the day.
I got the things done I needed to, even after taking 2 hours
out of my day to worship and spend time with Him.
He took care of me.
He lifted the burdens from my heart.

So, here I go again.
I will spend time with the One who Loves me most.
Cares for me most.
And wants to be with me most.
And His spirit will lift me to a higher place,
and show me what is really important in life.
My relationship with Him.

Thank you and blessings sweet new friend for the reminder,
and for your encouragement and support.

blessings to you all.

Barbara Jean


Chatty Crone said...

Slowing down is one of the biggest problems ever. We run and rush everywhere. We rush our kids. We do need to stop for a minute - slow down - smell the roses.


BarbaraJean said...

Beautiful! I left you a comment on my blog. Thank you for visiting and for your beautiful comment. Let's fix our eyes together on the only one who can fix us and everything that concerns us.

Your Friend and Sister in the Lord, BarbaraJean

ocmist said...

That is exactly what I felt the Lord was telling me to do when He allowed me to go on that 10 day Road Trip (Country Corgi Blog)... at least to slow down with my blogs and spend some quality time with my husband, and we did. Also got a chance to see my daughter and start getting some things straightened out with our relationship, too. Linda

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hey, I have no problem slowing down,,,its "pick up the pace" sign I know what you mean though, we need to be gentle and kind to ourselves.
Have a good day my friend.