Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Guess I'm a bit behind on this blog, but if you see my tablescape on my other blog you will see why.

TAXES!!, and spending way too much time doing some fun things like creating, and visiting my blog friends.

And that leads up to what i am thankful for:
I am thankful i am not going crazy or losing my mind!!!

I have been doing so many crazy things lately, and worse than usual!
I keep 'misplacing' things. Sometimes important things (like tax info)!
I have locked myself out of too many places lately.

Forgot to tell my daughter i would be late getting Isabel home from school yesterday and caused her to wrory.

Yesterday, while at my daughter's, a friend came to jog with my son-in-law. The friend laid his keys on the tall chest next to the door. Off they went running.

In a few minutes it was time for me to leave. I picked up Todd's keys and put them in my purse, put on my coat, and walked across the street to my car. Took my keys out of my coat pocket, started the car up and drove off. Yes, you guessed it. Todd's keys were in my pocket!!!

Did i notice? No. Not till Angie called and asked about them, and sure enough, there they were in my purse!!! I mean by now, I'm sure you must all be wondering what on earth is wrong with that girl!!

Well, the appointment i was heading to was my counselor (not going for memory loss, but other things). After i spent the first 15 minutes crying, and she calmed me down. She started having me check my breathing, and my tenseness. I have a tendency to breathe very shallow and tense up when i am anxious, (and did it tyou it is tax time?)

As i explained more of my problem of losing, she said, "You are not getting enough oxygen to your brain!!). I sort of snickered (as much as you can snicker when you are a wreck) because that is exactly what they told my Dad last year when he started losing his memory!!! So, back to deep breathing, relaxing, and walking each day.

Long story to say:

I am thankful i am not losing my mind.

I'm thankful and hopeful for a reasonable solution.

I'm thankful for a husband who never gets upset when he rescues his damsel in distress, locked out of wherever.

I'm thankful for a daughter and her friends, who are understanding.

I'm thankful for my steadfast friends, both here in Eugene, and in blog land, who encourage and support, and pray for each other.

And I'm thankful for a Lord who knows us though and through, and is always there to help us, whether it be through counselors, friends, or family.

Thank you Lord.

Blessings on your day,

Barbara Jean


Katherinellen said...

Barbara Jean,
I just view your othe blog...bird it. Love this post your wrote...we all do that sometime...glad you starting to excercise...It's better for our health...I don't think you losing your mind...I do the same things...I blame on our stress sometimes...Have a wonderful weekends..kathy

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I have done so many mindless things and torn up vehicles, garage doors...once I locked my baby in the car while it was running in a thunderstorm...and screwed his bottle nipple on the jug of milk in the night...should I go on? My husband (bless his heart) has never said a word about it!