Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well i guess you have seen what a mess i have made of things.

i have accidentally posted this cute little bird and nest 3 times now, in an effort to link to my other blog.

Now, I'm afraid if i delete him, i will delete him on my other blog too. (note said it would delete the pic wherever it was).

So, just go to my other blog however you can get there, and take a look at the giveaway info.

We'll just say we had triplets on this blog. =0))

Hugs to all,


Chrissy said...

Oh I wish I could help, but I am as dumb as a post on this thing, good luck!! Love the little bird(all 3 of them) ahaha

Barb said...

Thanks for making me laugh!

Should have just said they were triplets!!


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Barb, I think people can click on your pic and save it to their computer and then when they post pull it up, and put a link to it that way. Or post the pic and then put the name of your site and place a link to you. Maybe someone call tell us if this will work. Blessings, Deborah