Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun "Stuff"

This is my latest bird nest.
It is almost like the one on my Treasures... Giveaway a couple of weeks ago.
(just thought I'd post it here in case you didn't see it over there). =0))
I added more moss since this was taken, and may add a bird??
This will be for sale soon on my other site.

This is the back. More info on the Treasures site about details.

I'm having some deep thoughts this morning, and also flooded with ideas, and a bit concerned about taxes.
(doesn't that sound just like a girl to be thinking of all those things at once?!!)

Anyway, since I need to get ready for church, and finish getting things ready for lunch (kids come over today), I will have to get 'deep' later. =))

Blessings on your day.

(giveaway to be announced later today, after my granddaughters pick 2 numbers.)


ann said...

it is precious...Ann

The Willow Rose said...

Love the bird nest...I did a nest with birds in a box and it was so much fun.. Blessings Regina

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good afternoon my friend.. no I haven't forgotten about you.. sorry I've been mia the past few days..been a bit hectic at my place...I hope all is well with you and yours..your latest birdsnest is awesome darling..wanted to stop in and say a big hello..
hugs ~lynne~

Vanilla Lavender said...

What a lovely bird nest! I hope I win!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :) Vanessa

Coleen said...

your lil bird nest vignette is so dear!! Sorry I missed out on the give away!! I will be back!!!