Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birdie Homes

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"WOW! These are great!!
(Hey. look! My sister got the best one of all."
"Wish i could have a nest on a silver teaspoon!"

They may all have a favorite, but i think each one i do is my favorite, till the next one anyway. =0)

I will post more pics in a few days when i finish up the ones i started.
These will all be available for a limited time only, as it is about time for me to move on to other treasures for the store.
Most pins and sitting nests are $8-10, with some 'special' ones at $12.00.
(These all range in size from 1- 2")

I just found yellow birds too, if anyone wants a really bright and beautiful Spring look.
I'll post the colors i have just one of each if you'd like more to choose from.

I am also still making large nests.

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