Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have to say i did not wake up every thankful this morning.

I have been having some emotional upsets, frustrations, and life stresses, that have seemed too big to handle.
i just wanted to get off the band wagon, run away, go to sleep, or any escape. Of course none of those things really work. The problems, and stresses, and my attitude, were still there.
I did email a couple of people for prayer, knowing all the time they have troubles of their own, and feeling guilty that i would bother them with mine.

someone even sent me an email that was Ps 23, which is one of my favorites (next to Ps 139), with pictures with it.
it's words seemed empty, and I could see no beauty in the pictures. There was no comfort, or healing in it. I wouldn't let there be.

Well, God is good, and persistent when it comes to the hearts of His children. He wasn't about to give up on me, even though i had momentarily given up on myself.

I got a phone call from, of all people, my Yellow Book sales person.
(The ad for the phone book was one of the things on my list of frustrations).

Not to repeat the whole conversation, but he knew i was frustrated with things right now, the ad being one of them, and his concern was for keeping me a happy customer, and moving things along as deadline is near.
But, what came out of the conversation was his mentioning that in spite of all going on around him, (he had his own set of problems), he was grateful for all he had in comparison to what some people are going through right now. Poor economy, job and home losses, families being torn apart.

Much to my surprise, that short conversation turned my thinking around.
Then I remembered it is Thankful Thursday, and the Lord had reminded me how much i have to be thankful for.

So here is my partial list for today.

With so many out of work right now, I'm thankful for my husband's job.
I'm thankful for his hard work, and diligence to go in each day to the same routine, the same problems, the same frustrations, as the day before.

I'm thankful for the home the Lord has provided for us, and that although old, it is paid for! For the food He puts on our table each day, and the clothes to protect us from the elements.
For good health in light of the physical suffering of some.

I'm thankful for a good marriage.

I'm thankful for friends who care, though they have problems of their own.

I'm thankful that we serve a God who knows us; knows exactly what is happening in our lives today, has a plan for our tomorrows.

I'm thankful for a faithful God, who cares for us, and does not give up on us.

and I'm thankful for the Yellow Book guy, and for the reminder of how blessed we really are.

And I'm glad for Thankful Thursday, and the reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for.

Blessings on your day as you reflect.

Barbara Jean

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LDH said...

Dear Barb, I'm thankful you were able to gain a fresh perspective today :) I also relate to the situation and heart deep concern you have for your son and his daughter... I just keep praying and asking God to remove error and reveal the truth where that is needed.
Kindly, ldh
ps My husband has been out of work for a very extended period of time but we continually keep our eyes on him as our hope.